Instrument Cluster dead, battery drain, will not move.....

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by monroefiredog, Sep 24, 2012.

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    My 04 trailblazer started to run really rough, so I cleaned the throttle body. Then it ran better, but I ma now having a different problem. The battery was weak, so I went and bought a new battery. It sat a week while I was outta town, came back tried to start it, battery was graveyard dead! Now all the gauges have stopped working and the car will not move! Any ideas? I need some help ...i am stuck on what to do now....​

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    Have you tried to jump it? Check your terminals, make sure they're clean and secure. If you can jump it and get the truck to function properly, you probably just overlooked something installing the new battery... But, if the battery continues to die after sitting, you probably have a draw on the battery (which was probably why the old battery was weak) Then you'll have to start chasing to find the problem.
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    Okay I had a very similar issue this summer and from what my mechanic who is a family friend. GMC's in that year are notorious for the instrument panel dieing. Its a default and you have to have it sent off to get rebuilt or sometimes you can find a new one. Its about $200 fix if you stay away from the dealer.

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