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    Hello GM,

    I am lucky to have this site a Chevrolet Forum because I have this Cluster problem in my Suburban 2010, it's like; no Fuel level indicator, speedometer not working and all in the instrument Cluster are not working, "PRND12" as well no indicator. Please GM i need some helping hand in here. Anyways I am a Filipino and presently residing here in my country Philippines... any simple tips how to fix my problem is so much appreciated.

    Jzing :glasses:
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    I am sorry that you are having this issue. Although I specialize in helping customers from the USA I am not a technician, nor am I able to diagnose your vehicle. I do have a number to our Overseas Philippines department 632-848-0375. I hope this is of some use to you.

    Evan, GM Customer Service
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    Disconnect your battery and reconnect it. See if that helps

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    From what you have mentioned, check the 2-Fuses for the Dash Cluster, one is for the Back Lighting in the Dash Cluster and the 2nd one is for the Dash Cluster itself.....
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