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    I recently traded my 2002 silverado for a 2009 texas edition. I had Airaid intake on it ( i pulled it off) and a ported throttle body. I tried to take the TB off, but i couldnt get to the clamp to unhook the coolent hose from it, so i left it on (and cried, lol) I was wondering, since i cant look at it now (stupid rain and snow), will the intake that fit the 02, also fit on the 09? the 02 was a 4.8 v8, and the 09 is a 5.3 v8. also, where can i find ported throttle bodies for sale? trust me, they do make a huge difference in power, and prolly MPG as well, so i need one. ...and of course exhaust. If i replace the exhaust now, do i kiss the 3year 36k mile GM warranty goodbye? if not, whats the best system to go with? I saw on youtube that corsa sounds awesome. any ideas?

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