interchangable gas tank

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    hey everyone im new on here and would like to intouduce name is arthur.i currently live in northern wisconsin.i own a 1989 gmc 1500 with 6inch suspension 3 inch body lift sitting on 37inch super swampers.i am having some issues with my tail lights.i have no turn or brake light yet my back up lights work.ive checked bulbs and fuses and all are good.cant seem to figure out whats going on with them.any information will be helpfull.also i was wondering if i can use the gas tank off my 1995 chevy 1500 long box on my 89 ext tank on my 89 leaks anytime i put just under 3/4s of a tank.are the tanks interchangable?i have to replace my sending unit i think cuz my gas gauge is off also and i think its cuz the float is bent

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