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    Hello all -newbie to the site

    I own an 04 Sierra Z71 and have an appointment to install a readylift levelling kit--hope I like the outcome...I used to have a 97 and found it higher of the ground and better looking as far as stance went.

    I looked up some specs for gm,ford and dodge.To me the dodge and ford look like they are higher off the ground but gm states that their sierra 1500 have 9.4" of ground clearance while dodge has 7.4 and ford 8.7. The only higher numbers for ford and dodge are the approach angles ?? with ford at 25.1 degrees,dodge at 18.7 and gm at 16.2. Also ford and dodge overall height is 75.6 and 75.9 while gm shows 73.9".

    Any thoughts?
  2. sierraman

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    yeah the sierra's sit the lowest of dodge and fords, they finally fixed the problem and went with the beefy truck trend for the 07 08 models, as for your truck it should look really good
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    I have always thought the others had more clearence but then i also think its an illusion becasue of the huge wheel wells and smaller tire sizes for dodge and ford, chevy seems to have smaller wheel wells and larger tires. i know fords have come with 235/75 (my sisters s-10 blazer has that) tires and that my burban came with 285/75 so with smaller tires it would seem more truck is above them just my $0.02 worth.:neutral:

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