Interior illumination/door lock/fuse issue?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Kraziken, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Kraziken

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    OK long post, but very confusing issue to me.

    My brother-in-law helped me with my intake manifold repair this weekend.

    All door locks, interior lighting worked properly up until yesterday when we disassembled, cleaned and installed new intake manifold gaskets. Several hours were spent getting the distributor back in the proper location.

    We finally have the distributor in the right location and the engine seems to run great.

    However, the interior lights only work if I turn them on manually (no longer turns on with the doors being opened). The door locks no longer work. Pressing the switch to lock does not move. Moving to the unlock position, the interior lights flash.

    I checked most of the fuses and can't find anything burnt out. There is one 30 Amp fuse (At least I believe it is a fused and it is labelled 30 amps) The other fuses are small plastic coated and the other two are metal labelled 30 amp. Ther is an A and B position location for these 30 amp fuses. When I touch the A location fuse, it is VERY VERY HOT. It seems to be related to the door lock issue. It is labelled PWR Accy).

    Is it as simple as something has failed inside this 30 Amp fuse? It is so hot I'm afraid something is wrong, so I pulled the battery.


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  2. jeremy121187

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    My truck is doing the same thing....very hot! Did you ever resolve this problem?
  3. Kraziken

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    Wow, old thread.

    I think this was related to a grounding issue on my passenger side heated seat. I think I pulled it and took it to a shop to look at after giving up. The wiring under the passenger side carpet was melted in a fused mess some how.

    It was a tough issue to troubleshoot. There are so many power accessories I couldn't track the issue down myself.

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