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  1. Mattress Monkey

    Mattress Monkey Former Member

    So i purchased some white LED lights to put in my Suburban's interior.

    Got 2 to replace the Map Lights #161/211's.

    Got 3 to replace the Dome Lights - Festoon style Bright white 42mm.

    None of them work when installed?

    Can anyone provide some guidance?

  2. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    The only thing I can think is the resistors, on some of the cheaper LED's you have to solder some diodes in line with the LED to keep it from burning up from the irregular voltage. Other than that I would have no idea where to start. Another thing you might want to try is reversing the way you have the LED plugged in the socket, because sometimes flipping them 180 degrees makes all the difference.
  3. deeprubyred07

    deeprubyred07 New Member

    Did you try them both ways? Mine wouldn't work either so removed them turned 180 degrees and boom! They worked.
  4. 1S1K

    1S1K Rockstar 100 Posts


    Just installed LED's on a 08 TBSS

    Interior Domes/Maps #168 they had to be placed into the right direction
    Reverse Lights #3156 also had to be placed in correctly
    License Plate lights #168 " "

    Love the look. I am going to change all mine out next month. It was a clean look with the black leather interior.
  5. 1S1K

    1S1K Rockstar 100 Posts


    here are some pics of the install of the LED's. Wish I got before pics.. huge diffrence. I cant wait to do mine. It seems lilke everytime I get an idea my buddies beat me to it.... because they have the $$$$ at the time. grrrr but IT all looks KA IMO
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  6. deeprubyred07

    deeprubyred07 New Member

    Yea LEDs are an addiction. The only bulbs that aren't LED on my truck are the headlight bulbs. Here is a quick pic of my interior.


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