Intermediate steering shaft knocking again after only a month

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    Last month, I pulled the ISS and followed the procedure to just unbolt and pull the ISS end inside the engine compartment, push it in and out to distribute the grease on the splines. It worked for a month then it started knocking again today. i don't want to spend on the updated ISS. I would rather spend the money on a tune up.

    So today, I decided to install a grease fitting. It was a 20 minute job. We'll see how long it takes between regreasing.

    center punch and hammer
    1/8 drill bit
    7/32 drill bit
    hand tap, 1/4"-28tpi
    grease fitting, 1/4"-28tpi
    cordless drill
    small adjustable wrench
    grease gun

    Grease fitting.jpg
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