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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by ukrkoz, Jun 30, 2007.

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    does anyone know the trick to remove upper intermediate steering shaft in 2000 silverado?
    haynes says simply to disconnect upper to lower shaft bolt, losen pinch bolt on lower shaft to pinion, then slide the lower shaft down and off the upper shaft after that, all i have to do is to release the steering wheel to upper shaft bolt, and pull the shaft out.
    problem is - there's no way to slide anything anywhere, as both shafts sit tight against the pinion. or steering wheel, for the same matter. slide is maybe eighth of an inch up, lower on upper, but then it hits on the upper shaft flare and that's it. it almost looks like pinion needs to be lowered to provide clearance for removal, but will haynes be dumb enough not to mention that?
    reason i'm doing this is because i have the dreaded clunk in the steering, and the voice of the forums says - replace steering shaft. chevy guy showed that they sold like 53 of those just in a month, that's how common the problem is.
  2. ukrkoz

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    i guess i fixed it

    well, i guess i fixed the problem, at least - most of it. i drove truck since yesterday night, for some 80 miles, without any major cluncks. so far, had maybe 2 and am not even sure if they come from steering.
    fix was simple - i looked at the whole entire set up yesterday, and it just looked having too many "joints" resulting in general slack in it. 3 shafts with 3 interlocking connections, each one adding some to metal on metal clunck. so i released the lower shaft to pinion pinch bolt (11mm), and raised shaft up as much as i could with a flathead. ended up with, just looking at it, 8-9 mm gap between the lower shaft and pinion. there's still plenty of pinion input shaft inside the lower steering shaft. theory is - it took care of the slack in the system. so far, so good. will return part in the next few days.
    i went through haynes again and am positive that steering wheel needs to be removed to replace the intermediate shafts. while it's doable, i simply do not want the hassle because of airbags and sophisticated clockwork mechanism they put into the hub. don't like taking too much chances with all the finecky stuff, drives fine as is.

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