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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by FireRed, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. FireRed

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    I have a 2002 Sub, awhile back my battery would go dead over night, which went on for weeks. I replaced the 3 year old one but the problem persisted, I had to leave a charger on over night. I put a meter from the disconnected ground to the ground wire, I pulled every fuse and relay I could find to no avail. Oddly enough a week or so later I forgot to hook up the charger, much to my surprise the problem had gone away. That was mid summer, just a few days ago it returned! I did quite a few net searches and found it seems to be an issue several others have or are experiencing, I only found one possible solution that was to re flash the computer. Looking for any other ideas before going to the dealer, I am tight on $$ having recently gotten off chemo and not back to work.

  2. bazar01

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    When you connected the meter from the disconnected ground to the ground wire, did you set the meter to DC-amp and what was the amperage draw?
  3. FireRed

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    I used a volt meter looking for a drop when I found the circuit did not see any variation, what type of ammeter would be needed?

  4. RayVoy

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    You need to use an amp meter (buy a cheap digital multi-meter, I've read where your harbor freight has them for $5.00)

    The only way you will find this is to read the current draw while pulling fuse.

    BTW, it is probably not the computer.
  5. FireRed

    FireRed Rockstar 100 Posts

    Still have not gotten a meter, but had a shock today! When I lock my truck only the driver side door locks, all other are unlocked no matter how many times I hit the lock button. This is getting even more interesting.
  6. j cat

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    buy a good meter that has the amp scale on it. over time this will save you lots of time trouble.

    start with the highest scale. then drop to where you get a reading. you should get less than 250 MA. that is .25amps.

    no key in ignition , doors closed doors locked . 15 min after shutdown with meter connected remove one fuse at a time until you see a drop. 10 MA or less is vehicles do suck more sleep current than older vehicles.

    I recommend only high CCA amp batteries because of this fact. I now use 850 CCA batteries.

    it is possible the radio/amplifier is not shutting down common problem with some GM vehicles. this is usually the BCM.

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