Intermitant Glow plug problem

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Mike Hill, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Mike Hill

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    1990 Suburban 6.2 Diesel.

    In the morning when the Engine is cold,the Glow plug indicator takes minutes to light up.I watch the Amp gauge and notice that the needle is not drawing down as it should if there was current going to the glow plugs.When the Glow plug indicator finally lights up,the needle on the Amp gauge draws down untill the plus are hot and the indicator light goes out.

    Then after starting the engine the glow plug indicator light flashes two or three times,the Amp gauge draws down telling me the relay is sporadically sending current to the glow plugs.I recently replaced the Relay however this problem existed less often with the old one installed.

    I wonder if the ignition is worn and there is a sporadic fault?

    Any suggestions or help gratfully received.

    Mike Hill
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  3. Joeairforce

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  4. Mike Hill

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    Thanks for the replies both of you.Joeairforce is correct,my Truck has no computor and no Fault code is being displayed.

    Curiously this problem only occurs in the moring,if the Truck has run and been left for a few hours then there is no problem.
  5. unplugged

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    My bad. I forget the diesels didn't get OBD1 until mid 90's. The information was for later model trucks, but some of the info regarding glow plugs is applicable and was meant to bring the op closer to a solution since a direct solution isn't available.

    Perhaps when the problem is solved, Mike will post the solution for the benefit of others.
  6. omnisi

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    I have the exact same vehicle, and mine does this as well (flashes 2-3 times after starting). However, my glow plug light comes on as soon as the key is turned...not sure about that part. How many miles are on it? - just curious...
  7. Joeairforce

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    Well the glowplugs coming on a few times after the engine is started is perfectly normal..... It's to help the engine to run better while it's warming up...... As far as them not coming on as soon as you turn the key.... It could be the ignition switch is worn.......

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