Intermittant Dash Cluster NOT Stepper Motor issue

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by DCRoyale, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. DCRoyale

    DCRoyale New Member

    May have figured out why I bought my truck at such a 'great' deal....

    My cluster from time to time is completely dead. Let me explain...

    This is the 03 Chevy 2500HD... Has the trans temp guage already on it....

    The turn signal indicators and high-beam indicator will work, cluster lighting works for all gauges. The drive selector indications and odometer areas are completely dark. No 'pre start test' lights come on like they should and ALL gauges stay at "0".

    The truck runs and there are no performance issues.

    After a mile, maybe two, the dashboard resets itself just like you have just turned on the switch. All test lighting comes up, guages show properly, odometer comes up, etc.

    I started about this a little on a stepper motor post, but this is not the stepper motors as everything is either working or dead together including all displays, gauges, and lights.

    I thought about replacing the gauges as mentioned in a few of the other posts regarding stepper motors, but since everything is working or not working together, am not sure it's the cluster itself.

    Does anyone have a diagram or know how to do an in truck diagnostic on the cluster, or what to check to make sure the unit is communicating correctly with the truck?

    It has 180K on it, so no hope of a warranty repair LOL

    Thanks for any help along the way....
  2. jeeperz360

    jeeperz360 New Member

    I repair clusters and have had several just like this. They have all been from high mileage diesel trucks.

    There is a proprietary voltage regulator on the board that, when heat is applied to it, will cause the cluster to turn on. Thinking that the regulator was bad, I pulled another one out of a different cluster, installed it, but it still didn't solve the problem. Same issue.

    At that point, I gave up and have just been telling people that it's time for a new cluster.

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