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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by eddiestrysik, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. eddiestrysik

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    My 95 K1500 5.7tbi on occasion will quit sometimes rolling to a stop, just after start & less frequently running 60+mph. Usually will crank right back up-will go goes weeks without
    any instances & then sometimes will do it multiple times in an outing. got the truck with 143K & now has 151K replaced ignition key switch, starter, plugs, wires, cap & rotor, fuel filter, no codes coming up, battery tests good, connections have been checked, dealer no help probably could use a wiring diagram

    Mr Shorty

    In answer to your question, quits like the key is shut off

    A new issue surfaced today. Otw to work this morning, the alternator was not charging battery (battery symbol lit on dash & digital meter only reading 11.5v. After running on highway for 5min or so, charging started (battery lamp off, voltmeter on dash showing above 14 & dvm reading 13.6-14..1v. Drove it a few miles later in the morning (about 3 hrs later) & showed to be charging. Headed home this evening ( approx 7 hrs later) & same thing--not charging until running 5-8 minutes & seemed when engine came up to temp on the dash gauge continued charging on the rest of the 10 mi rush hour commute.
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    When it just quits, how does it quit? Does it sputter and misfire like it is trying to stay running? Does it quit suddenly like someone shut the key off? Does it buck and chug then stall (like when you stop a manual transmission without pushing the clutch in)?
  3. eddiestrysik

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    It quits like the key is shut off
  4. MrShorty

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    this kind of thing is usually electrical, so, yes, you will probably want a wiring diagram. If you are willing to register, Autozone has free electronic versions of Chiltons available on their website. Public libraries usually have an auto repair section that will have some good manuals. Some public libraries have even got subscriptions to internet based auto repair information. Those could be worth looking into for wiring diagrams.

    In what way? Did it not act up for them, or were they unable to track down the problem? What did they check (if anything)?

    This sort of intermittent thing can be real tough to diagnose. I might start by checking some basic connections. Is the PCM/engine management system losing power when it stalls? Fuel pump losing power? Can you get it to stall at idle in the garage by twisting/pulling/manipulating any parts of the wiring?
  5. eddiestrysik

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    dealer no help

    the delaer advised me that the EGR valve & TBI housing gasket needed replacing & then invited me to spend $480 to have this done. I replaced both with no resolving of
    problem. Have not been able to duplicate the quitting at idle with twisting of wires, connectors, etc as of yet. Will follow up on obtaining diagram.
  6. msj113

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    recently had a symptom similar, alternator tested bad on that "superwhamidine" machine they have. something about a diode breaking down, reman alt, kar happy...

    an if yer battery is 3 yrs or more i would suggest you change it so as not to fry your new alt...
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    I have a friend having the same issue with his 96 C1500 truck. A friend of his had installed a junk yard starter from God knows what type of vehicle. The starter actually melted ignition wire. The starter was replaced with a brand new one and the wire replaced as well. The wire for the knock sensor also had to be repaired. Truck ran for 2 weeks after that, then started to just crank. Checked for other bad wires and found none. No corrosion or breaks. Replaced the knock sensor. Ran for 3 mins then just shut itself off, like you turned the key off. Won't restart, just cranks. Code reader showed nothing. May be a bad comp in the truck? I'm still trying to figure it out too. And local dealership and mechanics are baffled here about it. No charging issues to report tho with this one.

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