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  1. dahermit

    dahermit New Member

    Have a 2004 Colorado, five cyclinder, automatic. Need to work on the passenger side, in air bag area. Fuse for it is susposed to be in the internal (not the one in engine compartment), fuse box. But owners manual and Haynes book do not give enough information. Haynes just says, " the left of the instrument panel..." (thanks for nothing Haynes!)
    Where is the internal fuse box, and how do I access it (what must be removed and how)?
  2. Coach24

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    Have you called a dealer to ask? I am not certain so I won't venture a guess.
  3. moogvo

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    You are better off to disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected for 10 minutes before messing with anything to do with the air bags.

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