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    Amy.....I was starting to wonder myself......was the OP asking about Engine Oil or Coolant.....:neutral:????.....I just noticed that he has done an Edit to his Original expressing that its Engine Oil he's asking about(Flushing).
  2. jigglebiggles

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    I change the oil regularly so don't know why I would need to have the internal parts of the engine cleaned unless this is just something new they do to newer engines for some reason. I appreciate everyone's advice however and am glad to be a member.
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    Welcome to the G M T C ! I also haveput a lot of miles on Chevys and have never had any major problems, but have never " flushed out " any vehicle. Good luck!
  4. jigglebiggles

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    I want to than all of you for the advice. My truck runs like a champ and I’m sure it will for a long time to come. Think I’ll pass on this engine/fuel system flush for now, I think the lack of money made the decision a little easier. This is a great site, glad I found it. Looking forward to navigating around and reading all the threads.:great:
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    Welcome to the club!!!

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