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  1. Senshi09

    Senshi09 New Member

    Name: Josh
    Location: Warren, Ohio
    Occupation: Unemployed.. for the moment.
    Vehicle: 92 Chevy C1500 my new baby.

    Well im Josh, from ohio. Just aquired my first (legally owned) truck. I used to have a 92 s-10 5-speed but it was never in my name, o I didn't legally own it. I just moved (back) here from Martins Ferry, Ohio. I grew up here in warren. Since I been back, I was handed this 92 C1500 that has been family owned for the last 8 years. My brother was the second owner of it, bought it off some guy for $400. Signed it over to my mom about 8 months ago, who just signed it over to me about a week ago. It has the 4.3l v6 engine. I will be performing a 350 v8 swap here shortly. Came with standard transmission, but my brother swapped it out for automatic because my mom couldn't drive standard.

    It doesn't have the right rear end for the transmission (since it was made to be standard) so the gearing gives me horrible mpg and makes the driveshaft shake like hell. Far as I know it hasn't really been built up at all. My brother lowered it by removing 3 leafs out of each side in the back, cut the front springs. Yeah so now my work is semi-cut out for me. Gotta find a new spring set for cheap, might just get a couple of 2" spacers and throw them in there for now. Get new leafs for the rear end to re-establish the strength it once had. Gonna get it back to stock height. After I do that I will probably find a new rear end for it, with lower gears to help my mpg and maybe if im lucky it'll have positraction. Right now it's just the passenger rear thats my power wheel.

    My aspitration for this truck is to first get it back to stock height. After that, i'm going to be doing the v8 swap in it. I was thinking either dropping a 350 bored .40 over to make it a 360 or go to a junk yard and grab a ls1. Lucky for me theres a junk yard that has a wrecked caprice that has a ls1 in it. The owner of the yard said I can have the whole car for $1000, he'll drop it off and pick it up after im done getting the motor, cpu and wiring harness so thats a definite grab! I do have a quick question though involving my rotors.

    Would the rotors (5 lug) from a 92 k1500 work on mine? I know the k1500s are 4wd and mines just 2wd. But as long as they are 5 lug, would they work?
  2. BoneHead

    BoneHead Rockstar

    Welcome to the Club!! It does sound like you've got your work cut out for you. I'm not sure about the rotor question. I'm guessing it's a set of rotors you've got just laying around, so what I would do is pull the wheel off and compare the two. Take measurements of the rotor itself, where the bearings are, width, stuff like that. If they match, then it should work. I know they have auto locking hubs, and I'm not sure how that all works myself. I just picked up a 98 K1500 Suburban recently, before that everything I had was 2wd. You should be able to find a rear end and all suspension pieces at a salvage yard pretty cheap. Deals can be had on Craigslist also. Anyhow, Welcome and make yourself at home.
  3. retired2001

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    Welcome to the G M T C ! Be sure and look at the "Technical" forums, as your questions might get more answers. Good luck!
  4. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the Club and congrats on your new ride!! Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to your rotor question either. Hopefully, someone will be along soon who does. Good luck!
  5. Senshi09

    Senshi09 New Member

    Hey! Thanks :) Yeah my work is cut out for me, but all in all, I love it! Whats a good vehicle if you don't have to do anything to it right? Plus a guy gotta have his project otherwise he'll go bat**** crazy LOL! I don't have the rotors, I was gonna pick a pair up off ebay, found a pair that was only $30. I found my rear end, maybe. John, local scrap yard owner, has a few laying around in his scrap pile that he said I can have for about $40. But we don't know what the gearing in them are, so I gotta get the numbers off the axel casing to find out. I pulled my wheels off lastnight, my rotors aren't bad i just don't know if my brother changed them when he lowered the front end or not. He doesn't remember, so i'm pretty much covering my ass just in case. If nothing else, im thinking the rotors off a Astro would work to since they should be 2wd and 5 lug. Just trying not to spend 150-300 on some rotors you know?

    But yeah this is definitely going to be my work in progress for the next few weeks. Then my project when I do the motor swap. I'm gonna keep the trans thats in it now, since it can handle up to 800hp at the rear. Might have to get a new driveshaft or upgrade the bearing/universal so it can handle more power. But right now, im just doing the back to stock height look with it so I can drive down the highway without being pulled over for it looking like a "Hot Rod". But im hoping by mid-March ill have it back to stock height with a new rear end. Looking to maybe get the gearing out of a camaro rear end, throw it in mine since Im pretty sure the camaros have a shorter wheel base. That should be low enough gearing. But what im also thinking is take the entire rear end out of a suburban since they are 4wd, it might be positraction. Since on my blazer, the transfer case was seperate from the axel (it linked into the driveshaft) im hoping its the same on a burb just take the axel and go. But like i said, learning combined with trial and error. Longs I can get parts cheap i won't worry much about the error lol
  6. mfleetwood

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    Well, you'll have keep us posted on your progress. In fact, you may want to start a thread and note your progress there with pics and updates. It will be fun to watch your truck grow over time. If interested, use the link below to get your thread started by posting pics as your ride is now and then update every so often. Have fun and good luck!
  7. GMCErica

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    WELCOME TO GMTC! Hope that you find the answer to your questions on here, there are lots of great technical members on here, keep your eye out in the technical forum and members who can help :)
  8. sfdefender24

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    Welcome to the club.
  9. aloxdaddy99

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    First off welcome to the club. For your axle needs look at what is on the wrecked caprice that you are getting for your motor swap. Those things are as wide as a secretaries backside, so it may be what you need. The axle ratios are usually stamped into the axles or may be a tag bolted to the diff cover. You are an ambitious person making all these changes. Good luck and as mfleetwood said you should start a thread to show your progress.
  10. donyms

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    Welcome to the club man, :glasses:

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