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    My name is Justin, i currently own a 1985 Suburban 4x4, lifted and with 33"s on it. I bought this truck a couple of months ago with the intention of slowly doing everything myself to get it ready for the winter months here in Wyoming but due to my accident, we just went ahead and put it in the shop to get fixed... Here is a pic of my old car, and my "new one"


    Semi pulled out in front of me... didnt feel all that great but walked away.


    yes, i was the guy driving a Prius, and owned a suburban at the same time... Surprisingly, the prius did pretty good on the snow, but now its time for fun.

    The PO added the lift, but did not put the drop arm or the "J Bracket" on so it wore out the steering and the pump really quick.. Ive been trolling these forums for awhile so i thought i would just say hello and ill see you guys around...

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    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome to the club! Sweet old 'burban you got there. If you need inspiration on what all to do to it, there are a ton of build threads over in the full size section of Expedition Portal. They even make me want to go out and join the yacht club!
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    Ive got a few plans, but that all depends on how much the wife can tolerate.... got a radio coming in soon so i can jam a bit on the way to work. Other than the radio, i would like to get a basket for the top and some lights, maybe some fog lamps.

    Really loved the suburbans since i watched Dante's Peak a long time ago... glad to finally own one that works great!

    Thank you for the welcomes!
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    Again Welcome to the forum. I like the subs myselfr, but I'm a vanner!
    Brian L.
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    That one will look great on the road!
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