Iran building rocket bases in Venezuela

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by FireRed, May 17, 2011.

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    Chavez is a loose cannon. It's about time we showed him the Bin Laden exit door
  3. 383man

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    maybe we should think about getting out of the wars were already in before starting another one though lol. I guess at this point we might as well declare war against the middle east in general...that's the way it's heading. And who knows when good ol crazy man kim jong il will go ballistic again and set things off in north korea, we may be spreading ourselves a bit thin...
  4. phoebeisis

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    I always doubt reports like this one.WHAT IS THE UPSIDE FOR IRAN OR VENEZUELA??

    We have maybe 3000-5000 nukes-many of which could be delivered within a few feet of anywhere in Venezuela or Iran.
    Iran has ZERO- probably won't have more than 10 deliverable to the USA(from Venezuela) in the next 10 years.Besides there is a fair chance we could actually shoot down the tiny number they would be able to launch.Not that it would ever come to that-we would destroy the base waaaay before it was a threat.
    If we got word that they actually installed one in Venezuela what do you think would happen to Venezuela?
    Chavez would have ZERO doubt about that-heck we attacked and occupied Iraq and they never even threatened us.Heck we hung their leader!!
    This looks like some BS to me.
    There isn't any plus side for the Iranians or Venezuela.
    Pure BS- just because it is written doesn't mean it is true.
  5. 383man

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    I believe it for a few reasons, one, ahmadinejad (iranian leader) is allies with chavez (Venezuelan leader), not only allies, but great friends and equal haters of the u.s.

    2nd reason, chavez has for a long time now accused the u.s. of flying drones in his country, staging coupes with the brazilians, and getting ready for war against him, he's pretty dilusional, just like ahmadinejad is. he probably believes that we are just seconds away from invading his crappy little country. (we do have a brazilian base, but not for anything to do with Venezuela as far as I know anyways lol.

    3rd reason, both leaders are about as crazy and unpredictable as kim jong il on a meth bender, he probably thinks that he could take us out with his army just like saddam thought he could, dilusional, simply dilusional.

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