Irregular truck bed length, 2007 Silverado, need clarification!!

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    Hello All,

    I had a question about my 2007 Chevy Silverado (Texas Edition if that matters). It's a 5.3L engine, crew cab LT. I'm trying to buy some Husky QuadCaps Truck Bed Caps to go along with the herculiner bed liner I'm planning to install, but I seem to have an irregular bed size (forgive me if this is a stupid question!). Maybe I am measuring it wrong?? But I measured from end to end where the bed caps would go and I got 72.5". I would like to know if I'm measuring it wrong or if that's the correct size and it's just different because of the Texas Edition?

    If it helps I'm trying to decide between the 5'8" and 6'6" and here's the link:

    Thanks in advance,


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    Its inside bed length. You've got the 5'8" Texas edition makes no difference on bed length only a difference in wheels a few interior options and locking rr diff
  3. silveradoslugger

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    Thank you Tim! Much appreciated.


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