Is it a grommet? Or gasket? Or membrane?

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    Hi all, I've been searching and searching and can't find an answer to this. On the firewall, where wires go through, there is a circular, rubber ______________, (fill in the blank). It looks like what they call in Europe a 'blanking grommet." It fits in the hole, is rubber or rubber like, the edges straddle the sheet metal and the middle is fairly thin, so you can poke a hole and run wires through it.

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    You had it correct from the start, a Grommet.
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    That's not quite it.

    The part I'm talking about would have rubber in the middle too! Thinner, but there. This is the grommet that goes on the firewall, you can see it from the engine side, and has a wire going through it. Here is a link with a picture from a UK site.
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    Thank you!

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