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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by lancer, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. lancer

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    to go from a 265 70 17 to a 315 70 17? i was going to go with a 6" lift and 315's but after checking size calculators its only showing a 2" difference, so now i'm thinking of just getting some leveling keys and a body lift and keeping the 265's i have on the truck (only has 13000) on tires. was just wondering everyones opinions.

  2. yotchie

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    some tire places have a program that has a pic of your truck and will show you different wheel and tire combinations. there was another topic forum that had some links in it
  3. a4X42nv

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    I went from a 295/75/16 (33") tire to a 315/75/16(35") tire and it rubbed the frame on the inside sidewall of both tires when I turned almost max to the right or left. My Tahoe also has a 3.5" suspension lift. The tires not only increased in height by 2" but also the width by 2". My tire dealer let me try them out so I returned them and got another set of 295's. The only advantage I see in the taller tires is if you need the extra inch of sidewall to air down offroad. Oh, and besides the fact that they sure do look good.
    FWIW I am in an emission required city and the maximum diameter tire that the emission equipment will handle is a 33" tire. A jeep the got tested in front of me came in with 37" tires but used the stock wheels in the rear to do the emission test.
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  4. alabamasilverado

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    no need for lift

    i have a 2005 silverado with a 3 inch leveling kit and 3315 all terrains. They fit wonderfully. there was some rubbing at first but all i had to do was shave about a quarter inch if rubber of of the front bumper, to prevent grinding of the tires against the bumper. If you were to get a 6 inch lift, it would be unsafe to get 3315's. in order to have a more stable ride it would be smart to get some 35 inch tires. Not only would 33 inch tires be unsafe but they would look really small compared to your lift. Soon im going to get a 4 inch lift and my 3315 all terrains will look fantastic...thats what i would recommend doing
  5. Waco

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    Exact thing I did. Looks like way more than 2" and FEELS ALOT higher. 6" with leveling is the way to go. Not too huge, but enough to look mean. And the big tires add ALOT to overall look. Should also mention that a body lift is going to ride quite horribly. and still not make much of a difference. Do it right the first time IMHO.
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  6. lancer

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    i was going to go with the rough country 6" but my budget keeps getting smaller and smaller so i was looking at a leveling and body lift. i've found a guy localy that has a set of 4 315x70x17 bfg tako all terrains for $400 that are a month old, thats why i was going that route plus i want to keep the factory wheels.

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