Is my loose steering play adjustable? ('90 Topkick/Kodiak)

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by RussMcB, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I can turn my steering wheel a lot before the steering box tries to move the wheels. It's not fun trying to drive straight on the highway. It reminds me of the kiddy ride where the little car can go left and right, bouncing off the center rail keeping it on the track. :).

    I'm wondering if there is some adjustability available, and how I can find out the procedure. I've had no luck searching yet.

    In the second picture below is a small plug/fitting that might be some type of adjustment, but that's just a guess.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks very much in advance.

    Marietta, GA
    1990 GMC Kodiak - former ambulance

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  2. wis bang

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    First make sure all your linkage components are good and tight. The idler and center link can make 'em wander when worn. My S-10 was starting to wander hard around 225,000mi. Replacing the Idler and center link w/ an alignment made it drive like new. At 180,000 my Jimmy had wear in the Idler so we replaced it but should have also done the center link as it still wandered some...

    BTW the S-10 had 306,000 on it when I sold it and I still hadn't adjusted the steering box!

    If everything else is good and tight you can adjust the steering box. Just snug it up some, cranking it real tight will kill the steering box.

    I know some S-10 guys were getting different steering boxed form camaros for less turns/better turning radius but that's hard to do for most trucks...

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