Is My Relay Rod Worn Out?!?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by OldBlueZ71, May 4, 2010.

  1. OldBlueZ71

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    I posted a thread about a month ago thinking that there was something wrong with my brakes causing a shimmy at highway speeds. I am pretty sure now that it is just front end components that are worn out. I need to figure out if it all needs to be replaced or not. I followed the repair manual and jacked one wheel off the ground and measured the play with a dial indicator. Manual says .108 is good, I had about .230. Checked the play up and down on the idler arm and there was none. When I have someone move the jacked up wheel back and forth while I am underneath looking at everything, I notice the majority of the play is coming from the steering arm joint to relay rod and the idler arm joint to relay rod. So, is it more likely that the relay rod is worn or the two joints? I do not see much movement at all on the inner or outer tie-rods on either side.
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    Did you take the brakes in and have them turned. Just because thickness is good they could be warped.
  3. OldBlueZ71

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    No, I haven't done anything to the brakes, I'm pretty sure they are fine. The shimmy happens at about 65 mph. Once it starts, it continues until I slow down, then it goes away and I can drive another 50 or 60 miles before it happens again. It has to be suspension related, because it is not constant like it would be if the rotors were warped.
  4. OldBlueZ71

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    Apparently the problem is the brakes after all. I took the truck to a shop downtown that only does front end and brake work, been in the same location for 43 years so I figured they could be trusted. Paid the 20 bucks for them to check it out. They said even though there is play in the front end components that they are within tolerance. Problem is that the front brake hoses are collapsing and the calipers are shot. When the whole system gets hot, the pistons won't retract. I plan to install rebuilt calipers, new hoses, turn the rotors, bleed the system and see how she drives out on the highway.

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