Is there a market for part of a used Borla system?

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    I recently had a Borla S-type put on my 2012 Silverado. The pipes didn't line up right in the back, it was some kind of manufacturing defect according to Borla, so they sent me 2 new intermediate pipes and 2 new tailpipes with tips. I know the old one is defective somehow in appearance, but it functions perfectly.

    So my question is: Would there be a market for the 2 old intermediate pipes and the 2 old tail pipes considering there is some kind of alignment issue with them? I'm not 100% sure what the defect is, it could be bent slightly wrong or not cut to the proper length. The kit was $1200 and all that would be needed to make a second full kit would be a muffler and pipe (I think). I would obviously have to disclose why I was selling them, I wouldn't try and trick someone.

    I offered to send the old pipes back to Borla so they could see what was wrong but they told me to keep them, and I don't want to just scrap them or throw them away if they are worth like $500. The sound is amazing, it just looks weird on the truck. I'm sure if someone knew what they were doing they could bend it or cut it to make it fit right.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    You could do what I did with my Borla on my old Avalanche. I had the first system they made for a Cladded Avalanche and the tips melted some of the bottom cladding. So David (Alex Borla's son) Sent me 2 more tips. We cleaned up the old ones and made 4 tips coming out. 2 on each side.. Looked Very cool I will TRY to post up a pic..

    florida truck pics 029.jpg florida truck pics 030.jpg glenn avatar pic NEW.jpg
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