Is there any one at there from Delaware

Discussion in 'DE - Delaware and DC Club' started by sweetassz71, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. sweetassz71

    sweetassz71 Rockstar

    Is there any one out there from Delaware

    any guys or ladies from good old Delaware?
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  2. sweetassz71

    sweetassz71 Rockstar

    you mean to tell me there is no one from delaware i am the only one i know its small and all lol
  3. therealtonyg3

    therealtonyg3 New Member

    I just got on here! I'm sure that there are more "Delawareans" on here, they may not make it all the way down the forum page to the region section! I'm "north of the ditch" (in Wilmigton).
    Would like to meet others from the forum.

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