Is there anyway to turn off the AC

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Joe15, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Joe15

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    I have a 2008 Silverado LTZ with the remote start. What I want is for the A/C not to turn on when I turn it on via remote. When I hit the remote start the A/C comes on full blast and tries to cool down the cabin. I understand the concept behind this, but I dont like it I feels it puts a strain on the engine, waste a lot of gas. Is there anyway to disable this.
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    If i remember correctly, you have to make sure the A/C setting is at its lowest setting and turned off when you shut the truck off. Its been a few months since i was able to drive mine but i believe thats how i always avoided having that turn on. Im sure someone else will step in soon and give another answer from recently...
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    Ok, I don't have an answer to your problem, I have the same set up in my '09 Avalanche, and AFAIK, the remote start idea is to have the interior of the car comfortable when you get in.

    So, therefore, the reason for my post. If you do not want the interior of the truck to be comfortable when you get in, why are you using the remote start?

    Oh, and BTW, the AC will not add an unnecessary load to your big V8 engine, it might waste a little gas, but not near the gas you are using to start the truck from a distance and let it idle.
  4. Kady

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    Try putting the temp control to about 75 or so before you shut the truck off.. Maybe it just tries to get the truck to the last setting that was on before you shut it off?
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  6. Burden33

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    there is no way to turn it down or off. gm dealer might be able to but we cant. the design of the auto start was so you can have a heated truck or colded truck when you start it. i tried it the winter [passed turn off my heater and then hit the auto start and the truck was still heatign up the inside when i got out to it.
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    Have you looked through the owners manual?

    A quick look through the owners manual for my 2011 shows the auto temp on start-up but doesnt have any info on how or if it is controllable, i.e. turning it off.

    The feature only works on vehicles with auto temp systems.

    As far as wasting fuel or hard on the engine thats really a non-worry since newer A/C systems affect fuel mileage very little, theyve become extremely efficient with little to no change in mileage when used.

    Any start-up damage done to the engine will be from lack of lubrication which would mean theres a lubrication delivery issue already damaging engine parts.
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