Is there nother alternative to LineX - Rhino Linings?? Please post

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by BigRed07, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. BigRed07

    BigRed07 New Member

    Hey just curious if there is a CHEAPER alternative to spray on bed liners besides line-x and rhino linings. $500 just doesnt fit my budget right now but still need the spray on application. Please help. Thanks!
  2. My99Silverado

    My99Silverado New Member

    I know there is do it yourself kits...hurculiner makes one and I'm sure other companies do too. The trick is to really rough up your bed. Usually when you get it done they tell you that you probably won't want to see it until it is done. They end up taking out a grinder and go to town on the bed. This is what really makes it stick and not peel up. If you want high quality take it in and get it done. But since you are on a budget do it yourself. My truck's past owner did it himself and it is peeling up in some spots but it still does the job
  3. BigRed07

    BigRed07 New Member

    thanks man! i actually applied the herculiner last night before reading your far so good just gotta wait till its dry and ill post some pics.

    ps: where can i get those lower door panels like you have on your looking for the camo ones. thanks for the advise man
  4. eastcoast_florida

    eastcoast_florida New Member

    Get a DIY professional spray bedliner kit. NOT a can, or one part. YOu need a compressor and a little space. But, for only 100-130 bucks you get it covered with awesome material. I have done quite a few beds and can't be happier......
  5. eastcoast_florida

    eastcoast_florida New Member

    Uh... Google loves these old ass posts. Well, just in case anyone is seeing this. offers a thick tough bedliner that is almost like Rhino or Line-x for around $200. It's super tough. They are more of a dealership, but offer a DIY product to consumers. I think that's mainly cause sometimes, DIY guys are body shops looking for a new product to sell. So, they give a good price and Great service.

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