Is this rearend compatible with mine?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by shannonrieck, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. shannonrieck

    shannonrieck New Member

    I have a 1/2 ton 1997 suburban 4x4 with a bad rearend(3.73). I have found a 1/2 ton 1998 Chevy pickup 4x4 with 4.3 V6 manual transmission. The owner says that the code in the glove box is a GT4, which means it is a 3.73. Will this work in my suburban? Is there any more info I need before I go this route?
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  2. Toymyster

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    There is no reason it shouldn't work!!! They're the same platform, one just has a roof all the way!! Just to make sure, check the numbers on the housings!!
  3. shannonrieck

    shannonrieck New Member

    I did see something that is a little different between the 2 rearends. The suburban has a sway bar and the pickup doesn't. I'm wondering if I can torch off the sway bar brackets off of my suburban rearend and weld them on the pickup rearend? Or completly take the sway bar out frum under the suburban?
  4. 04sierracrewcab

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    I would think welding your sway bars would be good, I dont think it would be a good idea to take off the sway bars, could get a little squirly!:lol:

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