Is this the dreaded lifter tick?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by SMTXAGGIE, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. squires

    squires New Member

    i had an 02 and 07AFM 5.3's that made a ticking you would hear in an ally or at a drive thru window, but this was different all together. a noticeable loud ticking that increased with rpm and was spiratic as to when it would happen. A local garage did the job on a tahoe that was out of warranty from the km's. Were shrugged off by the dealer as it had been happening for quite some time but told it was a none issue, they paid $6,000 out of pocket for a new cam lifters and the coolant gaskets oil change yadda yadda that goes with the work to get the job done out of pocket, i believe they are trying to fight it but making no progress, can't "prove" that was the noise that they have the service records proving that they tried to get it looked after.
  2. jd4

    jd4 Member

    I bought a used 2010 Sierra in February. It has the same ticking noise the original poster is talking about. There have been a lot of little annoying problems with this truck. It has only 20 000 km on it. Some of the things I've noticed, beyond the ticking noise:
    Heater blows hot and cold air inconsistently.
    Seats are shaking when driving.
    Lots of wind noise on the highway.
    Parking brake fails to engage.
    Drums already dented.

    There are times when I wonder if I shouldn't have just gone with a Ford or Dodge. I'm going to have to speak to the dealer about this ticking noise next time, I'm in.
  3. squires

    squires New Member

    Does anyone know when the issue with lifter suppliers was resolved?
    pondering a 2012 but don't want to run the risk if it too might needed to be opened up due to faulty lifters.
    Was thinking about going to a 4.8 in a crew 4x4 to get away from the sloppy shifts and AFM, but worried i will miss the added power, albeit not much going from 5.3-4.8L
  4. jd4

    jd4 Member

    I would wait until the new Sierra model comes out in 2013. Hopefully, some of the issues will be addressed by then.

    My 5.3 on my 2010 Sierra has begun to consume oil. I change it every 5000 km. When it hits about 3000 km between changes, the oil level will decline by about 1/4 of the dip stick. Not sure if that's related to the lifter issue?
  5. squires

    squires New Member

    the thought crossed my mind, im of 2 opinions on the new models, do i want to be the test dumbie on a new platform?
    In 07 I got the nnbs and loved it, not one issue the whole time i had it, it too was the 5.3AFM with the 4-speed, had a 3.73 vs 3.42, i wish i never got rid of that truck, but it has almost every body panel painted due to a lot jockey during an oil change, and then a hit and run mall parking lot incident.
    Money and costs play into it too, will the new changes be worth the extra cash? it seems unlikly that the 14's released next summer will come with huge cash discounts as well as 0% financing.
    As such i would consider a 12 now if i knew there were no 12's affected by the lifter supplier issue, but maybe i should wait out the 14's, test drive one next year and make the decision then between a 13 or 14, the spy pics look as if there may be a crew with a 6'6" bed, or dare i say go with a 5.0L Ford crew with the 6'6" box
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  6. jd4

    jd4 Member

    You're right. I doubt you'll see any financing deals or big discounts on the new model when it comes out. I would probably just wait it out until the new model comes out, compare it to the outgoing model, and then decide. The 5.0L Ford is definitely something to consider. It's a nice truck as is the Dodge Ram with the Hemi and next year, with the pentastar V6.
  7. Kapelusprime

    Kapelusprime Member

    No way a cam and lifter set with seals and gaskets should be near $6K, a crate motor costs just over $5K! Cam and lifters are an easy swap on the 5.3 and really guys ****ty hydraulic lifters are not uncommon on many domestic motors. Pick up some high performance lifters install and be done with it, they are really very affordable. There is a kid not much over 18 on youtube that dose a cam swap on a 5.3 with little more than basic hand tools and a little patients. I've swapped cams on more than a few of the cars I've restored or worked on and have pulled only one motor to do so because it was a 78 Camero. Sometime a bad check ball in the lifter or a bend rocker, even a bad valve spring can beat up a cam lobe if left untreated and the motor stomped on. Either way this is a simple fix and I'll put some money into a 5.3 before taking the gutless 4.8 liter because the factory used bad lifters. Being an LS motor there must be 15 different aftermarket parts suppliers. I live a short bit away from the Tonawanda engine plant and this is Chevy town USA. Seriously boys not the end of the world, if you want the dealer to do this under warranty and they say its acceptable. Find a new stealership that will make you happy, with your hydraulic lifters that have leak-down issues. I have a brother in-law that would love to trade you your lifter tic for the injector issues on his second new F-150.

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