Issue with aftermarket amp with bose head unit

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by darksight, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. darksight

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    Hey whats up everybody............Ok so here is my issue. I just picked up an 07 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew Cab Z71 4x4. It has the full screen nav/bose system set up in it. My issue is I am trying to install my aftermarket amp up to the system so I can have bass back in my truck. I hooked up a high low converter to the back door speakers of my truck an got c**p for bass. I am running 2 10" kicker cvt subs in a probox with a 1000 watt amp. Do I need to hook it up in a different area to get my subs to work or is there another way to wire up my subs with a bose head unit?

    Sorry if I double posted I looked for awhile an didnt see a thread with this issue.I appreciate all your help in advance
  2. vncj96

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    You need an RCA line out converter. Audiolink and Monster both make them, it takes the signal from the speakers (spliced in wires) and converts them to R & L RCA outputs that go directly to the amp. You most likely will have to turn the gain all the way up for the amp as the Bose system really sucks, the rear speakers have a very low output setting from the factory that cant be changed. You might be better off disconnecting the factory sub under the dash and taking that line into the line out converter as that will have a better signal form the factroy setup
  3. darksight

    darksight New Member

    Yes I have an RCA line out converter (called it the wrong thing) wired to the rear door speakers. I still am getting nasty feed back an my subs dont work properly. I noticed you said to unhook the stock amp. Which wires would that be that I would need to disconnect to do that? Is there a wire schematic for the bose system so I could trace which wires are which? I know the bose sub is in the front part of my center console?

    Thanks for the quick responce VNCJ96.:great:
  4. Awesraws5

    Awesraws5 New Member

    Hello im running into an issue that is about the same as yours. Im just curious as to how much the sound quality of the subs will suffer by keeping the stock unit and using the inverter. Let me know how it comes out! THANKS!
  5. icetraxx

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    You need to move the line out converter to before the bose amp. The amp has a built in crossover in it that messes with the base as the speaker volume goes up and down. I am looking into adding a sub and this is what is happening to everyone and what they are doing to resolve it. They are getting their signal from either behind the headunit or in the console before the bose amp.
  6. vncj96

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    You would be better off just getting a new head unit but thats another story, and yes the line needs to be before the stock amp, it needs a clean signal from the headunit to read. If you are getting static or hissing in the radio its because your power line is getting exposed to frequency form the engine. Which means you got cheap power lines(dont take it the wrong way), they arent connected correctly (tight) or your power line is too close to the line out converter and/or the RCA wires. The RCA wires should run the opposite side of the truck that the power wire is coming from.
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  7. TheUnit

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    Everyone here is tip-toeing around the actual answer. Signal converters on average make 2-2.75 volts...then resistance due to length of the patch cable and quality of the cable cuts that number further. The line converter needs to be as close to the amp as possible, thus requiring a shorter patch cable.....equating to less signal voltage loss. Since it appears an aftermarket unit isn't an option right now, spend $75 on a signal line driver....this will bump up the voltage to 6V-9V range which is ideal. This clear, strong signal voltage will then require less gain...meaning the amp and subs last longer since they are seeing less distortion. A line driver will also cut down on THD which is evil. makes awesome processors. Google RCA audio line driver and you should get tons of results. Good luck!!
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  8. 90 ST

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    Does your burb have a factory sub? If so hook up the LOC to the output of the sub, disconecting the factory sub of course, it will be x-crossed over and you LOC should work fine.

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