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Discussion in 'Isuzu Commercial Truck Forum' started by ChevyFan, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Isuzu Commerical Trucks are the cousin platform to the Chevrolet medium-duty truck and van series that was discontinued by GM in 2008.

    While Isuzu has pulled it's car and light-trucks out of the US market, they are still selling and servicing Isuzu trucks and vans in the US. In fact, they are still the #1 cab-over commercial vehicle for medium-duty use in the whole country.

    I think I'm going to make a section on here for Isuzu trucks, vans, parts and service information becuase they are tied so close to the GM Kodiak and TopKick products, in fact even the DuraMax engine was built as a joint-venture with Isuzu and GM and it's the Duramax that is used today.

    Who drives an Isuzu medium-duty for work? What do you drive? What's your history of it? Let's get some discussion going on this and I even have met a guy who served as the Regional Fleet Manager at Isuzu for the Southwest US region and he's got a lot of information to share on these vehicle and I think i can get him on here to share what he can.


    Check out this site.
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  2. ProzacKid

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    I used to drive an Isuzu cab-over truck for work when I did delivery as a gig. They are good trucks overall, built for mass production and they have cheap replaceable parts so that is probably why they are so popular - help to reduce downtime becuase a guy can swap out something pretty quick on his own or get it serviced in town.
  3. Richard Nonamaker

    Richard Nonamaker New Member

    I work at an Isuzu dealer, done just about everything but body work. Something I noticed is almost no one every as the valve lash adjusted like they should

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