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  1. jbattlesjr

    jbattlesjr New Member

    A few months ago I was asking around for ideas on what to do about my 96 K1500(163Kmi). I had a quack mechanic that over looked the real easy problem of lower intake gaskets and disassembled my top end.

    I have finally got it put back together(by another questionable mechanic) and it is running fine aside from a lifter(from what I was told) tapping. I really don't want to deal with this guy any more either as he had my truck from 06/08/2010 to 07/23/2010 just to rebuild the top end.

    He(the mechanic) told me that I should change the oil and filter and go with 10w40. He thought there was water in the oil from sitting so long. I did that today(didn't ad any additives) and the ticking is still there.

    Long story short what should I do aside from go back to him?
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I would try to add seafoam to the oil.. THere have been a few people on here that have had the same problem and it cleared it up. Also you just do another set of lifters which might not be a bad idea.. But to be honest i would try some seafoam in the oil, as well as change it after the treatment. Most likely it is stuck from the water in the oil, and or else its sticking a bit causing the tap.. I have had a similar problem, and due to a different reason i stepped up the oil and it helped..
  3. trapperdon

    trapperdon Rockstar 100 Posts

    are you not able to get in there & tighten down the lifter yourself?
    real easy with a haynes / chilton manual and some basic tools.
    i dont think that is the right weight on the oil for that year thou...
  4. jbattlesjr

    jbattlesjr New Member

    Well fellas thanks for the info but I believe I found the issue. I was going to the salvage yard to pick up another valve cover bolt as we had one vanish. As I was driving the truck started to know instead of tap. I immediately turned around and put it back in the driveway.

    I decided to put the valve cover and as I am removing it I hear something that sounds loose(I am sure that shouldn't happen). When I get the cover off I see the very last rocker arm near the firewall is out of place. So I think "yeah that looks like the issue easy fix"...wrong. I go to put it back in place and the push rod is missing. I do some checking and find that the push rod is broke and I only have about 3 inches of the push rod.
    Where do I go from here?:grrrrrr:
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  5. tbplus10

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    Unfortunately pulling apart the top end again.
    You can try getting whats left of the pushrod out with a magnet but you need to be sure you get all of it out.
    Then you need to address the issue of why the pushrod broke which is probably a bad lifter, so you'll still need pull the head off.
    In the picture the rocker arm looked ok but you'll need to check it for stress or cracks and check the spring too.
    It's possible they cranked the rocker arm down to tight.

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