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    So Sunday morning I woke up (thank goodness!) and my wife and I began comparing "honey-do" lists. She had to go to the market, do our daughter's hair, cook lunch for the week as well as meals for the day. My list consisted of ironing school clothes, cutting my son's hair and working on the 'Burb. I'm sure she felt that she got the short end of the deal, but if she would have gone to trade school like I did, or if one of her many uncles would have possibly asked her to tag along on a repair of one of their vehicles, then I'm sure it would have been a coin flip.

    I pressed up all of the clean laundry for the week faster than the local dry cleaners would have ever done, whipped through my son's buzz cut (don't worry, I've been doing it for so long, 20 minutes in the chair and he's ready for the red carpet), but when it came time to tackle the tasks on the truck, my pace slowed.

    I gathered my tools and my drop light as I tackled the task at hand, which was the headlight dimmer switch (located on the lower part of the column). As I was contorted under the dash, I noticed that I was performing for an audience of one; my wife. She just sat there and watched me as I finally freed the old switch (which was burnt), and installed the new one. Afterwards, she (as I) was happy that the lights were working as designed. She said that it amazed her at how I could perform some of the repairs that I set out to tackle on any of our vehicles.

    I tell her that its simply the sensation of accomplishment that I receive when I'm able to do the things that I can. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that feels that way. Nor is this sensation exclusive to repairing vehicles. But for me, getting elbows deep in the car or truck with some music playing is like a happy place for me. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of cussing going on too, but when your baby is sick and you are able to make it right, thats something special. Doesn't matter if its pouring rain outside, 20 degrees or damn near feels good under the hood!
  2. moogvo

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    I fixed my toaster last week... It had a bad 10k ohm variable resistor with a click-stop. The click stop is how you cancel the toaster cycle after pressing the lever down. It cuts power to the magnet that holds the carriage and lever in the down position. The wife still scratches her head wondering how I knew what part to buy at radio shack. LOL! I am scratching MY head that Radio Shack actually HAD the part I needed.

    I am STILL convinced that toasters are strictly a throw-away item but she was complaining that she paid 80 bux for it. Cost me 5 bux to fix it. In the process, I got a LOT of hard gooey pop-tart pieces out of the bottom of the carriage.
  3. therealtonyg3

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    Those hard goodey pieces could be used as a safe alternative for rock salt here in the East Coast. Its green and biodegradable. If a stray cat or dog gets into it, no harm done. I think we're on to something here...
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Well besides fixing my truck yesterday (replaced belt, and some lights) I took apart and fixed my small air compressor with out even having to go to the store for parts! But under the hood feels much more satisfying bringing a sick sounding truck back to full power and health.

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