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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cobra2end, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. cobra2end

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    So it seems the intake gasket i did on my 97 5.7 is holding. Score :party:. It started first tap of the key.But Im lost on how to time it. Does it time its self would be cool if it does. I couldnt find anything in the chiltons book on timing it.
  2. ejohnson03

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    No self timing...

    Not certain that your '97 is same as my '94 K1500 pickup, but it probably is.

    Disconnect the Timing to ECM connector. It is probably underneath your glove box. I think it is a tan striped single wire connection.

    Then set your distributer timing to Zero degrees.

    Connect the Timing ECM connector back in, and start her up.

    The Computer will take it from there. :great:
  3. murdog94

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    WEll glad to hear that everything is green on the truck now.. And X2 to what ejohnson said. Once you have the timing at zeror degrees then the computer will actually advance and retard the timing as needed but you have to be sure to get the distributor to zeror degrees...
  4. MrShorty

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    The OBD-1 trucks are times as described. Your '97 requires a scanner that can read the cam retard parameter to time (usually requires a higher end scanner. The low end scanners usually don't read this parameter). Procedure is basically the same: set cam retard to +/- 2° by rotating distributor.

    If you were careful to mark the distributor/cap when you took it off so you could put it on exactly as it came off, you usually don't have to time it.
  5. cobra2end

    cobra2end Rockstar 100 Posts

    I marked everything when i took it apart. a little overkill i know but it was cold outside so i didnt want to for get anything. It runs and drive great so i think im good to go ill get it checked when i find someone with a scan tool just to make sure thanks for the help.
  6. 2COR517

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    If you marked the distributor to the intake, you are all set. The timing on the Vortec engines is not adjusted like the TBI engines.

    I need to do the gasket on my 96 Tahoe. How long did it take you?

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