I've bought a Suburban! Many questions!

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Red_October, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Red_October

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    So I've bought a 2002 Suburban... I'm not new to them, my dad had 2, a '94 and a 99, both Silverados. This is what I imagine would be called a "Silverado" if they hadn't dropped the package, as it appears that whoever ordered it only missed two options; the rear seat HVAC control panel and the elevendy-third cigar lighter outlet inside the console (there are 3 on the dash, only one of which sports a cigar lighter, and more aroun the truck). It even has sport seats! I don't even know WHY it has sport seats, but I don't care, they're very comfortable. I learned to drive on a Suburban so this is just like comming home to me.

    Anyway, I have some questions about it. First off, where's a good place to put a CB radio? It has the full console and a sunroof, so the floor and the roof are right out. Where does anyone have theirs?
    Secondly, this has the 327 motor and seems to be geared very well; it scarcely goes above 2500 revs. What is the best speed to cruise at on the highway for fuel economy? I know most cars are around 55 but I've heard many trucks are more effiecient at a higher speed... not that this will cure my leadfoot or anything, but I'd like to know.

    Moving along, it's fitted with an OnStar system. Can this be re-activated, and is it worth my money, or is it an expensive gimmick? I have a GPS Nav unit already.

    Lastly, just general advice about looking after it. Are there any special concerns? I didn't even know GM still used the 327 at all and asumed it had been universally replaced by the 350, but then again they are the same block and all. Should I use conventional oil or an energy-conserving synthethic? Anything else I should know?
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    Congrats on your new truck, im not sure about the cb radio, or the 327 oil, but the onstar i believe cannot be reactivated, i belive only 03+ can be reactivated nowadays. It is plenty worth it, but if you have the gps system already, i guess you can live without it, not an option now anyways.
  3. phoebeisis

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    Congrats RedOctober- The 5.3 (327) replaced ( heck, re-replaced) the 5.7(350) in 2000 on Suburbans.By all accounts it is better than the 350 (better FE, better hp etc).

    I have a 1998 2wd with the 5.7(350) .I get 20-21 mpg with the cruise control set to 68 mph on very long trips. The EPA -highway for my 2wd is 17 mpg just like the 2002. Your EPA is 13/17 vs my 1998 12/17. You should get very good highway FE (well,good considering the carrying capacity and utility).

    I use Mobil I 5W30. I bought mine 13 months ago -195000 miles.It is at 206,000 miles-runs great.
    I do use about 41 psi front and rear for better FE on trips-yeah,the ride would be a little smoother at lower front pressure.I would stick with the 5w30 and not go to the 0w30- not worth the tiny extra FE gain(unless you live in a very cold weather climate)

    Funny,I hadn't even thought /remembered that the 5.3 was a 327 until you mentioned it.I guess the 350 took over from the 327 about 1968 or so? GM going back to its roots.

    Good utilitarian vehicles-great for trips and evacuations( 3 adults, 1-2 dogs and 4 cats we need big-New Orleans) Really cheap -used- now.Wish I could upgrade to the 2000 on get the 5.3 plus better brakes, better ride ,better steering ,side airbags etc- lotta truck not much $$)

  4. Red_October

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    So I think I'm going to mount the CB radio inside the rather spacious console, and extend the microphone (which has channel up/down keys on it) to the cab somewhere. I work at Radio Shack and have access to all sorts of neat parts for this kind of job. There is an awesome amount of storage in this truck, and the CB won't clutter it up. I discovered a cavity behind the console today where the DC-AC inverter will live; it's not a commonly used item but very nice to have (I used to use my notebook computer frequently in my car back when I was in College; also handy for testing random electronic junk found at roadside, etc, so you don't trouble yourself to haul away something obviously dead); you just have to be careful not to leave it on with the motor off, it will flatten the battery in short order if it's drawing any kind of load.

    I'm beginning to think of it as my truck; for days now I've felt like I've hired it or something. I still have the dealership inventory tag on the keys! It's fantastic and I'm pleased as punch.

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