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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 2k1Silverado, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    So my girlfriend jackknifed a trailer right into the side of my truck. Now I'm wondering how much its gonna be to fix it because this will be coming out of my pocket.

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  2. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    Looks like the entire bed side will need to be replaced, so it's hard to say...you have to consider where you are, and how many hours it will take to make the repair, cost of paint and parts, ect... The labor hours could range from around $40-100/hr. Larger shops generally charge more.

    Around here, I could see it costing you around $1500-$2000. Maybe less, but that's just a ballpark.
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  3. 08_rado_rocker

    08_rado_rocker New Member

    I dont know what model pickup that is. But you may be able to find an entire bed for it off of an electrical or construction company that uses service beds on their work trucks. May turn out being cheaper.

    Also, welcome to GMTC!
  4. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    Gah... 2000 is a lot lol. I'm in Tennessee and its a 2001. Idk if I want to drop that much, the truck has 238,000 miles on it as it is.
  5. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    The cheapest solution would be to make the girlfriend pay for the impact of HER mistake on YOUR truck (including figuring out where to take it, costing it, etc) ... rather than doing so for her. Once done, find yourself a new girlfriend ... one that takes personal responsibility for her own actions ... and also respects other people's things.

    I know that may sound harsh, but I'm a big believer in personal responsibility and from the sound of it ... she's not.
  6. Jeremy09LTZCrew

    Jeremy09LTZCrew New Member

    It does sound harsh, but I actually agree with Surreal on this one. There's a reason almost noone ever drives my vehicles. My dad has cart blanche to drive anything of mine anytime he needs to, but that's because I know he'll treat it every bit like it's his own. My wife drives my truck, but she never even bothered to ask before we were married because she knew the answer. And even after being married, it only happened once it became a necessity. Have her go look around and junkyards or something and find one for cheaper. Then it still likely has to be painted though, unless she's lucky enough to find one that matches yours.

    My wife dented my hood in an automated car wash a couple weeks ago. I was on skype with her when she told me and I could see her feeling physically ill telling me about it. She's trying to make sure it gets fixed and fixed well. It wasn't her fault, so I don't blame her, but it was her reaction I appreciated because she understands what that truck means to me even if she doesn't feel the same way.
  7. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    In normal style, Surreal has made a very valid point. :great:
  8. ippielb

    ippielb New Member

    That's at the rear of the vehicle, so you may be able to get the dent pulled, or pushed out from the inside, it will need to be refinished though, I would estimate around $1,250-$1,500 for dent pull, body, and paint.

    Good luck. Women... i'm telling ya eh?
  9. AMac

    AMac New Member

    One early morning I backed my truck up into my boyfriends BWM. The bumper cracked which was convenient for him since he wanted a different bumper anyway. I gave him the money which was only a couple hundred, still lower than my deductible and for the replacement of an OEM bumper.

    The dent probably could have been pulled but since you have a slice mark that goes right though the body panel that is what will drive the price up. If you don't want to replace the whole bed given the age of the truck maybe just get the dent pulled then try to make the hole big enough for some custom side LEDs. It's an idea and the location is not terribly off from where LEDs would be on the side of a truck.

    On another note, now I know why they term it as 'jack knife', it looks like someone took a knife to your truck. Sorry too hear about your truck :(
  10. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    I got an estimate yesterday and it came out to $1739. The guy said the bedside needed to be replaced to make it right and it was gonna be about 650 by itself. So I dunno..
  11. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    You can find a whole bed somewhere cheaper than that of course...but then you're looking at paint to match too.

    Or you could have your girl fork out the cash for the repair.
  12. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    Well I got really lucky and found a bed the same color for $550. I'm going to get it tomorrow and yes she's paying for it. So it's all good lol.
  13. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    Good news for you...not so much for her lol.
  14. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    She should pay you for your trouble, too ... in unquantifiable ways. :)
  15. lonelywolf858

    lonelywolf858 New Member

    That estimate seems reasonable. Try to get the bedside through LMC or another company. Usually replacement panels from shops are increased in price so the shop can make up for the loss in labor from replacement instead of repair. You wouldn't want to repair that panel anyway since the dent needs pushed out and the slice welded (you will see the weld in the right light anyway).

    I would make the girlfriend pay for it. I made my gf's cousin buy me a new bumper when she backed into my car a few years back. It wasn't your fault and you shouldn't have to pay for it all. If you're further in your relationship than just gf (living together, sharing bills, etc), you need to work together to pay for the repairs.
  16. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    So I got the new bed put on just haven't had time to post. It's a stepside and it bolts right up, just had to do some bumper modification. Will post pics tomorrow after I figure out why smoke was coming out from under the hood tonight.... :((
  17. Jeremy09LTZCrew

    Jeremy09LTZCrew New Member

    Wow, one problem leads to another, huh? I'm glad you got the bed at least, and glad the gf forked over the cash for it. That being said, I agree with Surreal above. There should be a cost to make up for pain and suffering... just saying... :great:
  18. sstoner911

    sstoner911 New Member

  19. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    Nice! :rofl:
  20. 2k1Silverado

    2k1Silverado New Member

    Ha that cracked me up. I'll be sure to show her that lol. And for anybody that was wondering about the smoke, the stem off the heater coil wasnt good anymore. It was leaking coolant and getting on the headers which was evaporating it making it smoke. My dad figured this out when the stem actually broke off... So instead of taking out the whole dash and what not, we just got a bigger hose and put over the bigger part of the stem that was left, if that makes sense? Lol

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