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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by rusty_buckets, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. rusty_buckets

    rusty_buckets New Member

    I have a 98 k1500 Suburban 4x4 with al the bells and whistles,was looking into buying a dual exaust system from Jegs and was wondering if anybody has used this system before and if so was it a good buy or not worth it,I have the duel cats then flange duel pipes into muffler then goes into 1 single pipe out the back, but wondering if this Jegs system is good or not, I am also putting headers on this Suburban at the same time, so in theory this should help out the fuel milage quite a bit.anybody got some answers here,and thanks in advance for any info gatherd
  2. rusty_buckets

    rusty_buckets New Member

    well i purchased it anyways, i got it and its a pretty good deal everything fit with some trimming like it tells you in the detailed instructions, it came with all the pipe to replace my factory exhaust from in front of the muffler back with dual 3" and new muffler and clamps and hangers, i only paid $211 bucks dropped at my door, the muffler is a turbo job but it has a decent rumble to it, will try and keep posted if i have any problems
  3. devilsalmostfree

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    sound clip!
  4. rusty_buckets

    rusty_buckets New Member

    sound clip yeah right i have a hard enough time just typing this stuff, not to computer savy,but will say the exhaust is a nice sounding one without the noise in the cab,and have headers on this same car too,very noticable gas milage increase and gets up and goes much better for being a big heavy tub

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