Jet Chevrolet in Seattle ~ Giving away $450,000 after Seahawks shut out the NY Giants

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    Wow, I just heard about this story.

    The holiday shopping season just got a little sweeter for 12 Seattle Seahawks fans.
    The Seahawks manhandled the New York Giants 23-0 on Sunday at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., thanks in part to five interceptions thrown by Giants quarterback Eli Manning. But the real winners are 12 people set to receive $35,000 apiece thanks to their participation in a “Seattle shutout” promotion at a Washington state car dealership, reports[​IMG].
    As part of the promotion, anyone was allowed a free entry to the contest by completing a form, but if someone purchased a new or used vehicle at the dealership, they were given 100 entries. Each winner now stands to collect $35,000, or a total payout of $420,000.
    Mike Gates, general manager at Jet Chevrolet, said he was flooded with calls on Sunday, adding that he was waiting for calls with instructions from insurance and promotions companies.
    “They haven’t responded yet,” Gates told KOMO-TV.
    Gates expects to have more details later Monday, but said the promotion will be honored.
    "I'm a man of my word," he said.
    Jim Johnson, one of the owners of the dealership in Federal Way, Wash., about 25 miles south of Seattle, told ESPN that he originally wanted to do the promotion last week when the Seahawks played the San Francisco 49ers, but said finalizing the rules to make sure it was legal and in accordance with state regulations delayed it a week.
    The dealership ran advertisements on local sports radio affiliates, as well as in the local paper, the News Tribune in Tacoma.
    Twenty people purchased cars during the four-day promotion period between Wednesday and Saturday. Twelve people entered the drawing without a buying a car, so they received one entry each, Johnson told ESPN.
    Reached late Sunday, Johnson told ESPN exactly how the winners would be paid is still being ironed out.
    "We're a car dealership, we're not used to doing something like this," Johnson said.
  2. jsmith4816

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    I hope he upholds his end of the deal. He's kinda obligated to now though since it made national news.
  3. Pikey

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    The insurance company will pay it out. When places like this do promotions like this they get insurance in case they lose their bet. A few years ago ABC warehouse was trying to do a promotion where if the Lions went 0-16 then any big screen tv purchase from November 1st till the end of the season would be free. They could not do it because the insurance companies said that there is no way that they would cover it. (even they know how bad the lions are!) It would be sweet to have bought a used truck for $30000 and then win the money to pay for the truck.
  4. jsmith4816

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    I was wondering how they would pay that out. Ive never bought from a dealership, so I wouldnt know if they had 450,000 laying around for emergencies. I also didnt know that an insurance company would even insure something like that

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