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    Hi new here, just wanted to share my system build and help anybody looking to do something similar. It is getting installed as we speak, I'm running the Kenwood 890hd HU, C2-650 components for the front doors and C2-650 coxiels for the rear (built in tweets) with one 10tw3 in a down fire box. I have the XD700/5 pushing all of it. I'm having the tweets mounted in the front door close to the 6.5's. Running 4awg for amp and nice thick speaker wire for the 6.5's,And in a couple weeks I will be dynomating everything except the roof, plan on doing the roof later. I have the Boyo Hd back up camera going on as well. I had that camera on my last truck and loved it, very heavy duty cause it acts as a license plate cover and the picture is great, probably the most expensive one (from what I found) but very nice, you can't even tell there is a camera in it.. The camera is $140 I believe ,on amazon. I'm hoping to develope a good sound stage but might take a while considering I just found out about the whole sound staging, so any tips on getting me started and getting there would be great. The whole thing ended up running me right at $3,450 installed.

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    Oh and I have a friend who has a DJ business and so I bought a 1 terabyte portable hard drive and he is going to fill it up for me,, that is going to be awesome. He said he has like 125000 songs!!

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