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    I know in these hard times many of our friends and family have lost their jobs. Fortunately I have remained employed, for now. There is a great website called that allows you to network with former employers, coworkers and contacts if they too are a member. There is a job listing where you can apply for jobs and you can get referrals right from your contacts.The more referrals you have then the more likely you are to get an interview or be hired. It is a really good tool to have in these times. Just thought this could help someone.

    If you do sign up feel free to add me to your network, ( Bryan Langley, company: Varian Semiconductor)that way if your area of expertise is needed by someone in my network then you can be linked to them through me.
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    Wow... it's like a myspace for working adults? :)

    Thanks for the link, I'm sure someone will find it useful.
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    If you're a professional, then having a LinkedIn account is cricital. I have 200+ contacts on mine and I can have other people brag about me on there. I even have a Gartner VP give me a recommendation on there ... how would I bring that up on my resume??? Not going to happen, but when it's on LinkedIn, it's all good!

    It's good for getting contract work too!

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