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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by jarhead74, Apr 2, 2011.

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    I am sure everyone with a Silverado 1500 (279000miles)is seeing your guages start jumping. Mine are to the left so that means a bad ground...I am in the process of tracking it down one ground at a time, I'll report back soon, Now if anyone knows where all of them are , feel free to share...interesting video I did on youtube, biglon74 "knock knock" very surorising what I found

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    I'd agree since they're bouncing to the left (off) that it would be the common instrument cluster ground or the common power supply, rather than the individual stepper motors. Good luck & welcome to the club
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    Yeah, the gauge clusters have a habit of crapping out:no: My fuel level gauge went like 5,000 miles ago, I just use the trip computer in the meantime until I can get a new cluster.
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    Jumping Gauges

    6828979-7-5-2e22360f.jpg 6828979-1-5-5f793e03.jpg Hello,
    My '07 Silverado Lt ( 5.3 L ) Had the same problem, When you would hit a bump in the road or just sitting there with every thing on !!!! :grrrrrr::grrrrrr::grrrrrr:
    My Gauges would jump, The radio would go - off - on reset to default, The Auto A/C Heat , off -On Goes to Default
    Power Door Locks jumping ,
    Found Problem !!!!!!!!!!! :great:
    While Cleaning the Engine Compartment with the Engine Running , I saw a PUFF OF SMOKE COME OUT FROM UNDER THE FUSE BOX !!!!!!!!!
    Starting at the Battery, Checking for loose Conections, Batt. Connections -ok , Grounds -ok, Power Wire to Master Fuse on Firewall - ok ,
    Power Wire to fuse box ---- OH, ----
    Pull, Jiggle , PULL , Smoke came from UNDER Fuse AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

    Shut off Engine , Disconnect Battery, Unlock fuse box from bottom Half, """"" BINGO """""" MAIN Power wire Connector TO FUSE BOX - Half way BURNED OFF , Bottom Side
    of Fuse box Shows Signs Of Getting HOT ( It Is A _&^%$#@__ Quick Connect !!!!!!!! )
    Replaced - Power Wire And Whole Fuse Box ( $$$$$ ) ....

    FIXXED !!!!!
    What A NiteMare .......:gasp::gasp::gasp::gasp:
    SORRY For The Rant ..
    Hope this may give you a starting Point,
    Later ,
    Mark K.

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