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    I know many people arent fans of 4 Wheel Parts, my personal experience with them has been very good after I learned a few tricks to dealing with them.

    1. Get to know the store reps and manager, many of these guys are off-road fans and if you attend local parks or runs you'll see them there, make a point of introducing yourself to them and following up with a visit to their store soon after, goes a long way with great service and parts deals later after this simple bond has been forged.

    2. When buying Not In Store Stock items request "drop shipment" to your home or buisness, with this option they can forgo shipping charges if you request it and are persistant about it. This goes hand in hand with practicing #1.

    3. Watch the specials and read the fine print, 4Wheel Parts does a lot of install specials if you buy the parts from them.

    With that in mind 4Wheel Parts has some good deals this month.

    $199.00 Gear install per axle w/purchase of any set ring & pinion & a master install kit.

    G2 diff. Covers, Lucas oil & install starting at $189.99 depending on cover model chosen.

    And various other specials available.
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    I also hear lots of negative stuff about 4 Wheel Parts but like you, my experience with them has been great. Although I do most of my truck work myself, they did my regear and so far, so good. I guess it really depends on the location and personnel...just all other shops, chain or not.

    Great info for those who may be looking...thanks Tim!

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