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    I've been throwing around some ideas for my suburban. I know I want to drop this thing down a bit and I'm on a bit of a budget.

    1. How far down can I drop this thing without using airbags? I want to get it low but still be able to drive around without worrying about the oil pan.

    2. Rear wheel well clearance. How wide of a wheel tire combo can i go in the back? I'm thinking about running mid 90's Corvette wheels IF they will fit... [​IMG] or these rally wheels [​IMG]

    Any help will be appreciated
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    The best way to get low is drop spindles and a shackle hanger (most likely to get as low as you want it'll flip them) kit for your rear leafs. Add drop springs and you can drop the front 4'' with out bags. The back, if you're dropping 4'' or more you'll need to C notch the frame. Cutting then drilling and bolting or welding depending on the kit you get. If you get drop springs, you'll need to take it to an alinment shop after wards to correct your camber. As for the oil pan, use stiffer shocks or coil overs if you are really worried. My 84 'burban is lowered about 3'' on front and I haven't had a problem yet. And I drove through a couple fields looking for ways to get to a fire to put it out. And if you're doing your front end work yourself, buy or rent good quality spring compressors. Don't cheat yourself on those. Compress the springs then put a floor jack under the inside of the lower A arm and unbolt it from the frame and drop it that way. Safer than popping out the ball joint. You can go bags for adjustable hight. But that system costs more, more labor intensive, you sacrifice space for tanks and compressors, and have to replace bags once in a while.

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