Just an idea has anyone done this?

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    Instead of buying a new dash pad for my 87 I was thinking about laminating the existing one with fiberglass, fill prime and paint. or after priming I was looking at some type on wrap skin they are using on cars to make the item look like composite. Any thoughts? Just tossing the thought around.
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    I don't think the polyester fiberglass resin will stick to the vinyl dash, but epoxy resin probably will. The only thing is the epoxy resin costs 3 times more than the polyester resin so check the prices in your area first.
    If you're only going to use one layer of glass it will probably take at least a pint. Also if you are going to put more than one layer of glass on it, or if you are going to use the resin to "fill" imperfections be sure & recoat between 2 hours & 3 hours. Sanding sucks, but if you reglass it between these intervals you won't have to sand the previous layer each time to give it some "tooth" because the new coat will still be able to melt into the previous layer & bond to it.
    If it was me & my dash...I wouldn't do it. I would just get a new dash pad, because fiberglassing just totally sucks!!

    ** Be sure & wear a long sleeved shirt & a mask while you're sanding or the glass shards will kill your arms for several days & the dust is not good for your lungs.
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    Thanks for the info, it gives me something to think about.

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