just bought a 2001 Suburban 4x4 1500 LT

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  1. nvetro

    nvetro New Member

    Hey all, i'm new to the forums :) Sorry in advance for the long post.

    I just bought a 2001 Suburban 4x4 1500 LT from a dealer loaded with leather, sunroof, power/heated seats, tow package, running boards, It is Metallic Forest Green w/ tan leather interior, etc.. etc.. she has 65k miles on her also which is amazing. 2 owners, first owner was 2 year lease, traded in with 19k miles, next owner had it from 2003 to 2008..its been at the dealer only since this past sept (so 2 months or so)

    Clean car fax and up to date maintence, no issues what so ever...When the car was traded in the water pump was leaking and the dealer replaced it, the rear end was leaking a small ammount of fluid so the dealer replaced the rear pinion seal if im not mistaken, new brakes and all new rubber all around...I got her for $10,000...I think I got it for a steal..what do you all think?

    I don't drive to work everyday as I take mass transit...but the main reason I bought it was as a tow vehicle for my 1994 Trans Am race car.....the car weighs about 3500lbs..and lets say the trailer will weigh 1750....thats 5250lbs...i know for some reason 2000 and 2001 suburbans have higher max tow capacity then the 2003-2008..why is this? I am sure i wont have an issue...from people who have towed 5000+ with there suburbans...how did it handle? stoping, etc.. Track is about 50-60 miles away or so...

    Also from you suburban enthusiasts...2001 a good year? What weird issues if any did the new style 2000 and 2001 seem to have?

    Last question with regard to aftermarket parts:

    * K&N air filter w/ stock box OR K&N cold air kit? Which is better for these trucks
    * If I plan to tow those 5750 lbs i know i need a break controller...i hear prodigy makes good kits...do I need a trans cooler as well or do these all have one already?
    * Any suggestions to what I should do to make her run smoother during towing?
    * Any free mods that can be done with these trucks?

    Here is a pic, sorry its a camera phones :)

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  2. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    as far as the trans cooler my guess is it has one already, it would be attached to the radiator but just mini looking, but if it doesnt it would be a great investment for pulling
  3. nvetro

    nvetro New Member

    Yea i'm thinking a B&M trans cooler is in my future...thing runs great...i found a PS leak so i'm gonna bring it back to the dealer tomorrow..she had no PS fluid!

    Also the compressor for the autoride seems to be rather loud, can definitly hear it while in the car...its coming on with nothing in the trunk or anything....wonder if the shocks are loosing air. I do not have any sensors lit up on my dash.

    I have another question with technical service bulitins, if there are lets say 5 TSB's out for my truck, if i take it to the dealer do they HAVE to fix it for free?
  4. 04sierracrewcab

    04sierracrewcab Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    welcome! sounds like you got a STOLE that nice burb!
    post us some pics of it (the car too) :)

    sorry to hear about the PS fluid :neutral:

    I would reccomd a brake controler for many reasons first off being saftey .. you never know what the other idiots on the road will do and you would hate for that race car to go flying prodigy is a good one

    as for air filteration .. go with a stage 2 kn air intake .that is the filter w the aftermarket intake tube to get maximum hp and mpg . also go with a plastic tube to get better hp & mpg due to the fact that plastic absorbs less heat :great:

  5. 04sierracrewcab

    04sierracrewcab Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    good lookin burb! :great:

    got a pic of the car too? :happy:

    IRONHIDE Member ROTM Winner

    Nice ride! as far as air intakes check out Banks Power NEW gas motor air intakes. Very nice.
    Its a real cold air intake, not hot air intake!
  7. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I own a 2001 Suburban, just about the same package except an LS w/leather quad seating, premium ride suspension, etc. besides being her daily driver, we used it to pull our 24' weekend warrior toy hauler for a couple of years when my son was racing motocross. If it has the factory tow package on it then it shouls already have the tranny cooler. Definitely use a brake controller and the Tekonsha Prodigy has to be the easiest controller to install (and use) with the plug-and-play harness to fit your suburban (no wire splicing). As far as maintenace, make sure you change the fuel filter since it has 65K and there is a recall on the 2001's for the fuel delivery system so the dealer will install a new fuel pump for free. Since you are going to tow with it, i would suggest having your tranny serviced. We had to replace our tranny at 96K, starter at 105K, and A/C compressor and waterpump at 115K. I would suggest that when driving around town or anywhere when not up to feeeway speeds, don't use overdrive because the tranny will shift from 3-4 and 4-3rd on and off so it will prolong the life of your tranny to use OD only when needed and NOT when towing. Soon after we got ours I noticed a hesitation in throttle response so I put a K&N FIPK intake on it and she came alive! I'm thinking seriously about investing in a programmer next as my wife likes driving my diesel with more power.
    Hope this helps.
  8. nvetro

    nvetro New Member

    Thanks all, yea its VERY clean, engine bay is detailed also! Guess I'll be getting that K&N or Banks cold air intake..and a prodigy programmer....also...is there anyway to see what gears i have in my rear? I think i have 3.73 gears according to one of my RPO codes...what do these come with standard? Are they 3.42 standard and if u ge the tow package you get 3.73? Thanks!
  9. nvetro

    nvetro New Member

    Found my first issue with it, leaking ps pump...taking it back tot he dealer to fix it...this should be covered under the standard 30 day warrenty right?
  10. nvetro

    nvetro New Member

    Found out my 30 day dealer warrenty is only for the motor and trans itself, nothing connected to it. Luckily i bought it late in the day on Saturday and they wern't going to process the paper work till later today....the manager did me a favor..shreded the old paperwork and I bought a 2 year extended warrenty bumper to bumper...went back to the service dept...they are replacing the following free of charge:

    * Autoride compressor
    * (2) rear air shocks
    * power steering pump
    * windsheild washer fluid motor
    * Key fob

    :) Looks like I made out...all that would have cost me about $2000...the warrenty already payed for itself!

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