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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by jojovortecmax07, May 10, 2011.

  1. I just purchased a "P/N 270601 TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover" and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I really wanted the TruXedo Lo Pro QT but at half the cost I decided to go with the TruXport instead. Just an FYI if you are in the market I highly recommend www.truckcusomizers.com as they had by far the lowest price. Not only was their price the lowest as listed, they had special coupons they would email to you and knocked the price down on my tonneau another 40 bucks.

    I will try to remember to update this thread with my reviews of the product at installation, 3, 6, and 12 months. During my search of the forums I've seen people talk of a product but never really give and long term information. I mean everything is perfect when you first get it for the most part. Especially when you are all excited about the new shiney, go faster, or go bigger for your truck.

    Also, the toughest decision for me was to go with a roll up versus a tri fold. What are ya'lls opinions on that too? I decided on the roll up because of price and it looks to me that you have more useable bed space when the tonneau cover is retracted with a roll up versus a tri fold.
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    Please do update us, cause I would like to know how the quality is over time. I have been wondering if it needs constant care over the course of its life or not. Thanks.
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    I have that cover it was easy to put on and works great my only problem is the short velcro ends are on the back side so its hard to use the velcro
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    I have had mine for almost 2 years and it still looks and works great. Has not faded nor has the velcro worn out. I do put on convertible top cleaner/protector on it a few times a year and my truck is kept in the garage.

    Congrats on your new purchase...I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    Yupr keep us informed I'm looking at one also...
  6. Ok install was completed last night. Comes in three pieces with a bag of 6 clamps. Only tool you need is a 1/2 in wrench. Install was so easy and so fast that me and my friend stood around drinking a couple more beers and just bs'ing because it was done so fast. It's all pretty self explanatory and the directions are good with good pictures for us visual type learners.

    Fit, quality, and ease of use are great. I am overall very pleased with this cover so far. The tension adjusters are easy to manipulate and the rolling/un rolling of the tonneau cover is really easy. I was afraid I would have to fight with the velcro to open it up but it just rolls right along. The fit is snug and you can always tighten or loosen it to your taste using the tensioners at the tailgate and/or simply lifting the sides off the velcro along the truck bed, pulling tight, and putting it back on the velcro.

    Only problem I had is I wasn't sure how tight was tight enough when tightening down the clamps. Well combination of using a 10(12?) point socket instead of a 5 point socket is that the bolts are apparently aluminum and it is very easy to round the bolt head. Since I was using the 10 point socket I am sure that I can grab my 5 point and take them off. I will then switch them over to stainless bolts. So I basically used the rounding off point as my torque measurement lol!

    Taking a trip to Panama City Beach today through Sunday and we are expecting some rain. Will give a report on how it held up to the weather and trip as well as luggage storage capacity of the truck bed when I get back.
  7. Back from Panama City Beach. The TruXport worked just as it should. We encounter light/moderate rain with short periods of heavy rain. Speed ranged from 45-70 and even a short stop to soothe a fussing baby. When we got to the condo and unpacked there was not a drop of water to be found in the truck bed. All luggage was dry. I thought for sure something would get through as obviously this thing is not airtight but to my surprise there was not even the first drop of rain or little puddle of water in the truck bed. Father-in-law was impressed and may be purchasing one for his 2500 in the near future. In case ya'll cant tell I am indeed quite pleased with the product and please with the price. One of the few times I've purchased something and feel like I've gotten a good product at a good price.
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    Thats good to hear man! I've always wondered about the roll up types and how people liked them. I've got the extang solid fold trifold style right now. Its pretty easy and got it because its a hard material so I figured it would be more durable. After what mfleetwood said though sounds like those are pretty durable to. The one good thing about the solid fold is that it takes less than 5 mins to uninstall or reinstall.
  9. Well I will be unable to give any further updates to this product. I was in a accident Friday and it looks like my truck will be totaled. I was very pleased with this product for the time I owned it.
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    I hope you are ok. I was going to second what ntbush said about the trifold.

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