Just got my first loud exhaust ticket, now what???

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by vncj96, May 7, 2013.

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    So I am 35 and just received my first loud exhaust ticket at 11pm on my way home from work. My Silverado has all stock piping except for the fact it has a Flowmaster Super 10 on it. When I had that installed it was not nearly as loud as I thought it would be, I was actually pretty pissed off. But then a few weeks later I had a check engine light come on and my cats were shot(plugged up). I didn't have the money to spend on new cats so I had them cut off and a pipe welded in, my performance and mileage came up dramatically!! BUT so did the noise. It isn't loud when cruising or really even getting on it, just that there is a good rap to it right around that 2000 rpm range, and that's what got me in trouble tonight, this was the first cop to EVER pull me over for any exhaust, and I have had a truck with some kind of exhaust mod on it since I was 21. So now I am stuck, I was in the process to get the truck up for sale, but also don't want to put the money into cats, so my question is if I go to a mellower muffler will it help or will the lack of cats just keep canceling it out, I was thinking of getting a Flowmaster 50 series to try and quiet it down. Or am I gonna have to bite the bullet and get the cats???????
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    Well I don't know much about Minnesota, but In my neck of the woods we call your truck a "tampered" vehicle. It is illegal to sell a vehicle that was originally equipped with emissions equipment, and has since been removed unless they are buying it for a strictly off the road vehicle. They can legally come back on you for all repair costs, and legal fines if the new owner gets busted. Just my opinion

    Summit Racing has Walker high flow cats for $47.00 each, universal just clamp or weld them in no big deal. I'm running them with no problem.
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    I personally would be concerned as to why the cats got plugged up in the first place... Could have been the result of a bigger problem...

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