Just installed HID's on my truck!!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by cadillacmike, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. cadillacmike

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    AND I LOVE THEM!!! It was sooooo simple, it was stupid. I got done in a hour. And i was taking my time. I ordered these off ebay, and only for 50 bucks. I thought i would have to cut and splice wires, but no!!! It was all plug and play. I really didnt even need to open my tool box. The hardest part is finding a place to mount the boxes. I have a pic below, but sorry for the quality, bc its from my phone. Well, let me know what u think. IMO well worth the 50 bucks!!! Oh, i got the 6000k lights. They are the brightest i can get, and not have a blue tinge to it. They are alot brighter then the stockers, and im pretty happy with them. I may even be generous and buy my parents a set bc they cant see at night that great, and i know these would help. Well, tell me what you guys think!!!!

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  2. unplugged

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    I see the light. Nice :glasses:
  3. CS-10 86

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    Congrats on the purchase and install.

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