just my luck.....again.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 09Z71, Dec 6, 2009.

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    well, we just got a massive snow storm on Friday and probably about 10-50 cm of snow depending on the area of the city. i had to go to Costco yesterday and the roads weren't plowed completely nor were they sanded. so i was sitting at a red light on the way there and this guy in a Corolla couldn't stop quick enough and rear ended me doing about 20 kph. i got out thinking the worst, and the only thing that happened was a small dent in the bumper and the bumper was bent in a little. also, the rear quarter panel was pushed behind the tailgate. the '04 Corolla had half the bumper cracked and the headlight was cracked. when the cops arrived, one of the dumbass officers opened the tailgate, causing the corner of the tailgate to bend out because of the quarter panel. i yelled at him, and he got a crowbar and pried the quarter panel back out. apart from the bent corner, there is no immediately visible damage. like a rock. it seems each time i get into a crash, i love GM just that little bit more. in the pic you can't see the dent in the bumper but you can see the slightly bent bumper and the bent out tailgate corner.
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    It looks like the cops did more damage to it than the car did, they have no respect for people's property I swear! That looks like it should be able to pounded back into place with a rubber mallet, luckily it didn't do any paint damage. Too bad the car wasn't more messed up, I would have laughed if you would have had a pintle hitch or something that would have busted right through there radiator. I hope you get it all fixed okay, hopefully your bad luck streak is over!
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    I wouldnt sweat it, thats what insurance is for.
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    glad to see there wasn't more damage to your truck and everyone made it out ok.
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    Glad to hear everyone is ok! Hope everything works out for you fast. Hang in there. (not by a rope) It will get better!:lol:

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