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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by barneyfife912a, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. barneyfife912a

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    Good day every one. I've got a '97 Suburban with a 5.7L 350 Vortec. Last year the engine blew and I had to replace it. What I did was take a standard 350 block and applied the Vortec heads and intake. The problems I ran into were a treat! LOL. But what I need to know is the duration and specs of the roller cam that was in the original vortec so I can find a hydro cam of the same stature. My boss didn't tell me that he put a Blue Racer cam in the block he gave me. So the truck runs rough and eats gas and has go balls. LOL. Thank you in advance folks!!!
  2. Tommygunz

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    sounds like an interesting project.. Sorry I don't have the information your looking for, I just wanted to chime in and say it sounds like a cool project.
  3. barneyfife912a

    barneyfife912a New Member

    Bump Bump!!! Any one else think they can help me with this??? Thank you!!!
  4. barneyfife912a

    barneyfife912a New Member

    Any help at all please? Admins??? Any ideas??? Thank you!!!
  5. vncj96

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    i remembet reading some info about the vortec motors and that they are designed to run on the roller so there could be problems with going to a hyrdo cam. It was a very good site and i didnt save the address but I would do some research on that
  6. barneyfife912a

    barneyfife912a New Member

    Thank you for the info guys. I really appreciate it. What I did, was take to vortec heads and intake and put them on a standard 350 block. The reason for the info is so that I can find a cam similar to the vortec cam so that I don't have to get a chip for my truck. I do have new lifters and rods. And the cam out of the vortec block would not work in a standard block. The journals are larger in a standard block, thus the vortec cam would just flop around. My problems with this conversion were one, had to use the stock oil pan for the 350 block. This is due to the one piece main seal on the rear of the vortec crank which deepens the pan in the back. Two, the timing chain cover had to be modified a little. I had to grind the locating nubs off both sides and drill them out. The nubs are where the standard 350 block nubs are positioned. And with this, you have to really silicone or RTV the cover because the vortec block is machined differently on the front than the 350. You wind up with small, oil gushing gaps otherwise. And do this before you put the engine back together and in the truck. It's a B**** otherwise. LOL. And no one that I have found makes a metal cover with the timing sensor bung for a 350. Just a heads up. And third, you have to use a cam really close to the vortec cam specs or else you'll have to have another chip made for your engine. As I've found out. So, it's not a total loss but a learning experience. LOL. Should have just put a standard 350 in it and then I would have had more options open to me for power or economy.

    Thank you again folks!!! And have a happy holiday season!!!

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